Real Estate Mogul Elite Review By Preston Ely

Real Estate Mogul Preston ElyWell, you’ve come to the right spot if you’re looking for FACTS and an honest real estate mogul elite review of Preston Elys training. It’s no secret that real estate as we know it is changing – the pool of buyers has shrunk considerably, most of the cash buyers now are cash rich landlords, home study courses and products older than 3 months are simply out dated, finding, buying and selling distressed houses for profit is getting harder and harder every day. The Real Estate Mogul Elite team was created as a solution to help any and all investors stay on top during this time of uncertainty.

Now, if you haven’t seen the webinar that shows you a clear solution to all this, go now and WATCH IT HERE, then come back and read this entire real estate mogul elite review.

It’s getting more and more challenging to flip houses and the government isn’t helping us, in fact they’re trying to sabotage our efforts. You’ve also got large institutional buyers who are buying up blocks of single family homes, which means thousands of properties, hundreds of neighborhoods and keeping them. They are not buying them to sell them, they are buying them to keep for rentals. This means that many properties left over are the ones they don’t want.

With this in mind, Preston Ely decided to do something about it. He created Real Estate Mogul Elite which consists of uniting every single active real estate investor in these turbulent times and to give you 24/7 access to the cutting-edge information, the key people, and the specific deals you need right now to be successful.

And he’s SPOT ON!

Check this out….

Housingwire – Investors Raise $8 Billion for REO - Large wall Street investors rushing into the foreclosure market have raised between $6 billion and $8 billion, with the intent to acquire between 40,000 and 80,000 foreclosed homes nationwide in the months ahead.”

“Institutional investors buying properties in bulk are crowding out smaller ‘mom and pop’ firms.”

As real estate investors, we too have to adapt and change as the market changes or else we get left behind and only those “who know” can really take advantage of the opportunities.

What does Real Estate Mogul Elite Consist of?

So, Preston has put together an entire real estate mogul elite team which consists of some of the top real estate minds in the country. I know most of these guys are they are legit.

Real Estate Mogul Elite Review

The team consists of -

  • - 4 commercial & multi family investing experts
  • - 4 foreclosure & reo investing specialists
  • - 4 authorities on Hard Money & Private Money
  • - 3 Marketing Geniuses – who have done over 3000 deals combined
  • - 2 Market Insiders to provide market analysis and updates on Washington that will affect your everyday business
  • - 4 life coaches to keep you motivated and accountable
  • - 5 rehab specialists who have made millions on fix and flip deals
  • - 2 short sale experts who are on the edge of this niche and have found creative ways to continue to make a killing
  • - 5 of the biggest real estate wholesales in the country to keep you up to date on still one of the quickest ways to make money

As part of the real estate mogul elite training, you will have access to ALL of these experts. You’ll learn what is working now and what all these experts are doing now to make money in real estate. This is updated on a daily basis. It’s designed to put money in your pocket now and build long term wealth. It’s not just wholesaling, or foreclosures, tax liens or short sales, rehabs or rentals, rather it’s the perfect combination of all these strategies to WIN BIG at any point in time since the future of real estate investing is uncertain.

Every concept is tested and proven – every lesson is actionable – there is no theory and no fluff

You’ll have access to all the experts forms and documents they are using now or ever create in the future – checklists, spreadsheets, negotiation scripts, tools, training videos, formulas, and more…

You’ll also get one daily actionable lesson to keep you on the cutting edge of what’s working right now – Monday is “Mindset Monday” where Preston will share with you some wisdom to keep you focused and on track. “Tactical Tuesday” is a very specific negotiation skill or lead generation skill you can implement in your business. “Market News Wednesday” will cover what’s happening in the market. “Tactical Thrusday” is another day to learn more skills you can immediately put to use. “Tech Tip Friday” will show you ways to use tools like text messaging or apps you can use to leverage your time and do more deals. Then on the weekend its a overview of the weeks lessons along with Q&A posted for the week.

Twice a month you be on a live training and mentoring call with one of the expert faculty. You’ll have a chance to ask questions about what challenges you might have, or obstacles you face real time and how to overcome them. It’s purely what’s working today.

You’ll get access to a complete network of investors, wholesalers, buyers, sellers, and lenders, where you can advertise your deals, partner on deals, get long term or short term funding for ANY of your deals and network with the who’s who of real estate.

You’ll also be introduced and establish relationships with two different 100 million+ funds that provide total turnkey solutions for those looking to establish long term wealth. They acquire the property, rehab the property, arrange financing, place a tenant, manage the property, and send you the monthly check with some nice returns.

Who is Real Estate Mogul Elite for?

So the real question is who is this real estate mogul elite team for? Simply put, it’s for those who are looking to make money in real estate NOW, not what was working 5 years ago when all anyone had to do is sneeze to flip a house and make money. This is not for get rich quick seekers, rather real investors serious about making money in real estate today. It’s for those planning to build long term wealth and create consistent cash-flow.

It’s for those who want access to the who’s who of real estate and what’s working now.

So if this is inline with your goals for 2013, then I suggest you ——–>> JUMP ON THIS WEBINAR and get started ASAP!

My thoughts…

I too am a local real estate investor. I have bought and have attended numerous trainings and events. I know most of these team members who make up Preston’s team. They are legitimate real estate investors. The ones I know personally have been very successful in the niche they represent. This is a tremendous opportunity to learn from the best and have ongoing access to them for continued guidance and support. Even if you are involved in other programs, which I’m sure most of you are because that’s what helps us do more deals, this program will complement any other program you might be involved in or software you currently use.

My suggestion is to GET IN NOW WHILE YOU CAN!

So here’s what you need to do next.

1. >>>> WATCH THIS WEBINAR <<<< (It’s only an hour and very educational)
2. Get Started
3. Send me an email if you want since we are all pulling together on this and sharing information. I can also share with you what I’m doing to make money in real estate.


Real Estate Match Maker Review – Preston Ely

We felt it would be important to share with you this Real Estate Match Maker Review by Preston Ely and let you know some of the benefits and features in this program.  This program is not for everyone. So you want to make sure that you read this entire real estate match maker review so that you know whether you’re making a good buying decision.

Preston ElyWatch Video Here

For those of you who do not know Preston Ely, Preston is a real estate entrepreneur, author, speaker, trainer and marketing expert. Preston is always staying on top of the real estate game and knows exactly what’s going on in the real estate community and provides education for individuals to help take advantage of these markets.

The real estate match maker is another product by Preston Ely designed to help investors make quick cash flipping deals.  When Preston first started investing in real estate, he basically was wholesaling properties. He did this by finding great deals and assigning those deals to other investor / rehabbers for a small profit.  These profits were anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 per deal.

Because of his success, and everyone wanting to do the same, he later went on and created a product called FreedomSoft.  FreedomSoft was designed to teach and train investors how to flip properties and the software would automate the whole house flipping business.  FreedomSoft was an immediate success.

One of the components of FreedomSoft is Real Estate Match Maker – This automated house flipping software system does everything to help make you money.

Here’s how it works…

The software contains addresses to millions of dirt cheap distressed houses across the nation (we’re talking as low as $1000 and sometimes even lower) plus the contact info for the sellers who want to get rid of these houses.  It also contains the buyers who are looking to buy these kinds of properties.

Check out Preston’s Real Estate Match Maker

You make money by playing “matchmaker” without ever spending a dime of your own money.  You don’t have to talk to anyone.  The software does it for you.  You are not buying the properties, you are simply putting them under contract.  And the best part is it’s all automated through this software.

Real Estate Match Maker is the software system that does all the “matchmaking” for you automatically.  Now obviously you need to spend the time to “tie up” the properties it provides you and then line up the buyers it provides you, so yes there is some work involved.  But the hardest parts are all taken care of which is finding those motivated sellers with properties and hungry buyers looking for these properties.

real estate match maker reviewHere’s what the Real Estate Match Maker comes with:

  •  - Real Estate Match Maker Software
  •  - 7 step quick start quid
  •  - Members only community forum
  •  - Live monthly tele coaching
  •  - Free software upgrades
  •  - 2 Event tickets
  •  - Unlimited License



Who is Real Estate Match Maker For?

As we mentioned before, the Real Estate Match Maker Software is designed to help investors do more deals and make money in real estate. If you’ve purchased product after product and have a bunch of real estate training materials still sitting on your computer or on your top shelf and still have not made ANY effort to do a deal, I don’t think this is for you.  There is work involved, although the software does most of it for you.  This isn’t that get-rich-quick, push a button and money starts flowing in system that doesn’t exist. You still have to tie up the properties, then get your end buyers lined up to flip these houses too.

If you’ve at least tried to do real estate in the past and were successful or not, we absolutely recommend giving the software a try.  It’s the whole reason why we did this Real Estate Match Maker Review.  It’s a great tool.  It’s changed students lives.  It is backed by one of the top mentors in real estate.  And it’s dirt cheap.

Here’s a link to try it now.  You’ll be glad you did.